How to determine your skin tone?

How to determine your skin tone?

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Most people often face trouble when trying to determine their skin tone as we all have a skin color that is almost very close to one another. The difference is visible when wearing clothes of certain colors. This is why it is crucial to know your skin tone and decide on the clothes and colors that you put on yourself.

Determining your skin tone

A person can have three different skin tones, ranging from warm, cool, and neutral. A warmer skin tone usually refers to yellowish undertones, while a cooler skin tone is a complexion that consists of a slightly pinkish undertone. Luckiest are the people born with a neutral complexion who have both warm and cool undertones. 

The surface color of the skin can often change due to sun tanning and several other reasons for the exposure that your skin is going through; a person’s inherent skin undertone is very unlikely to change. This also depends on how often you are exposed to the sun or to any medication.

By using these simple tips, anyone can understand their skin tone:

Examine The Veins

To determine this kind of skin tone that you have, you need to start with your veins. People with lighter skin tones can often see the veins under the skin, which makes it easier to determine the kind of skin tone that one has. Blood vessels that can be seen around the elbows and wrists are the perfect spots to determine the skin tone. 

While glancing at the veins, you need to check whether you have blue veins or green ones. Blue veins usually mean that you have a cooler skin tone, while green reflects your skin tone being on the warmer side. If one cannot understand the kind of color that your veins have, it is most likely that you possess a neutral skin tone. 

Use The Paper Test

Another way is to have the white paper test. Place a white piece of paper against your skin to determine the kind of skin tone you have. In case you see a skin tone that resembles or tunes more towards the pink and blue colors, it means that you have a cooler skin tone. If you see gold and green colors, your skin tone is most likely warm. A neutral skin tone will give the illusion of a skin tone that fluctuates depending upon the time of the year and the amount of sun exposure present. 

See How Your Skin Reacts To The Sun 

If you have a tendency to get sunburned very easily, it means that you have a cooler undertone in your skin. If you have skin that does not tan very often, it is most likely that your skin possesses a warmer undertone. Cool tones and the seasons of summer and winter have many similarities. Spring and autumn are very close to a warm skin tone. A neutral skin tone looks the same almost all around the year. There are many more distinctions, but these broad categories are more than enough to understand the kind of skin tone one has. 


With the above tips and processes, anyone can understand what kind of skin color or undertone one has. This will give you an idea of what colors you should put on yourself and the best combinations to appear your best.

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