Namaste! 🙂

We are fashion enthusiasts from India, based in USA who believe that vibrant colors 🌈 and designs belong to everyone. We believe that people show their emotions 💃 with the clothes they wear. So we bring cheerful and vibrant emotions with our products to always keep you in happy spirits 😃. In the process, you also get to help Indian artisans and our mother nature 🌎.

It’s All for YOU ❤️

Fledgling Wings brings the colourful creation of Indian artisans directly to your doorstep. Our mission is to create vibrant, elegant & bold clothing while keeping a balance of fashion forward and vintage heritage. 

Fashion Forward and Vintage-Heritage 🥂

We always strive to bring the heritage of Indian clothing to the new trends of our current fashion world. For that reason, we constantly test & try new clothing from artisans to enhance your experience. From fabric to washing to ironing, we test it all for you.

1 Purchase = 1 Tree Planted 🌳

We are very conscious about sustainability and that is why we have partnered with to help with reforestation to restore a healthy environment after wild fires on the USA West Coast. Every purchase helps create better environment for us and our future generations.