Best Colors For Cool Skin Tone

Best Colors For Cool Skin Tone

If you determine your skin tone and if you are a cooler skinned person, several colors would look awesome on you, and to determine the best colors for a cool skin tone; you also need to understand the various kinds of hues that each color might have.

What colors look good?

The colors that look best on a cooler skin tone person are the colors that are on the cooler end of the color spectrum, which include lavender, pink, ice, blue, emerald, and lighter shades of blue. You can think of pale yellows, rubies, and rosy reds if you want to know which warmer color you should incorporate into your outfit. The neutral colors such as white, gray, and navy are sure to work for almost everyone having a cooler skin tone.

Why should you choose these colors?

The reason to choose these colors all boils down to creating and defining a very attractive contrast with your complexion that is mostly fair. More often than not, most people with a cooler skin tone have a pale or light undertone. To contrast this, you need to wear darker colors. For people who are a little too pale, colors such as dark shades of blue or the navy can look great.

What to wear as accessories?

To incorporate accessories, you need to look for colors such as platinum or silver, unlike gold or copper, that are exactly the opposite of your skin tone. You also want to avoid warm colors like a strong orange or yellow or a red that is too red. Another great way to accentuate your skin tone, in contrast, would be to wear silver, shiny, and not matte accessories. 

How To Wear colors according to seasons?

In the summer season, you should use colors that are softer than the vibrant ones to create a soft or neutral shade that will go great with your skin color. Pastel shades would also look extremely attractive during the summer season.

During the winter, the classic undertones of pink and blue would go great, and especially if you incorporate sharper colors like navy blue or black into your outfit, it will make it a complete package.


Dressing your best is often difficult if you do not understand your skin tone and take full advantage of it. All skin tones are beautiful in their way, and it all depends on how well you can pair and contrast colors.

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