Ten Tricks To Look Slim In Ethnic Kurtas

Everyone loves to don ethnic wear for their special occasions. However, what concerns most of us is the ultimate question: “How do I look in this attire?” So think that they look fat. Well, no worries anymore! 

Flaunt The Slim Figure With The Following Tricks:

We have come up with 10 simple tricks to make you look your best in the ethnic Kurtas. 

Choosing the Right Fit

Choosing the right style is where you start to appear effortlessly elegant. Straight-fit Kurtas or Anarkali styles can highlight the charm of your character. Cream and Red Floral Printed Straight Kurta, at FLEDGLING WINGS, is an ideal fit in this respect. 

Cream straight kurta

Cream and Red Floral Printed Straight Kurta

The Color Palette Must be Right for You

Darker colors neutralize the project; consequently, making you appear slim. Apart from the Black-colored kurtas, you can also opt for Violet, Maroon, Bottle Green, or other shades from our endless ethnic wear collection. 


Go with Monotone Allures

The one useful trick to your rescue is Monotone allures. Kurta with the same colored bottom is phenomenal, making you appear flawlessly attractive. 

Buy a Beige Gold Foil Dress, crafted in Crape silk, and fulfill all your requirements. 

Beige monotone kurta

Beige Gold Foil Dress

Helpful is the Fabric that Flatters

Clingy fabrics can lower your confidence. Instead, stock up on cotton or silk fabrics to be on fleek with your clothing fashion. We make sure to feature the ideal match for you.

Layering Plays an Important Role

Layering does not only add style to your overall look, but it also conceals budges. Blue Cotton Kurti, Knee-length long, is highly recommended for your wardrobe. It makes you look slimmer, as well as elegant by its appearance. 

Blue layer kurta

Blue Cotton Kurti

Try Suitable Add-ons

Suitable add-ons are another trick to look slim and effortlessly glorious. Pick any Indian Kurta, and try it with the appropriate add-ons of your choice: A belt, jacket, scarf, or shrug can be considerable. 

Lesser Frills Work the Best

Frills give an illusion of curves. So, you would like to opt for something sleek if you wish to look slim.

Stripe Prints Give Illusion of Slimmer Body

Stripe Prints, featuring vertical lines and intricate patterns, make you look slimmer and taller. Thus, opt for the Yellow Striped High Slit Cotton Kurta for a sophisticated appearance on all casual occasions. 

Yellow kurta

Yellow Striped High Slit Cotton Kurta 

Consider Your Body Type

It is important to consider your body type before you pick an attire. While High collars and Long sleeves work best for plump types, Anarkali style Kurta goes well with Pear-shaped bodies. Flared Kurtas perfectly complement the ones with broader shoulders. 

Check out the beautiful Indigo Flared Kurta with Belt, online at FLEDGLING WINGS. 

Indigo kurta

Indigo Flared Kurta with Belt

Accessorize Appropriately

Accessories are capable of defining your appearance. Pick the accessories that go right with the kind of attire as well as your body type. In order to appear slimmer and taller, Pencil heels and stilettos work the best. 


We understand that it is significant to feel good in your own skin. The tricks, mentioned above, will allow you to create an illusion of a slimmer figure. Thus, try on these tricks and pick the right ethnic outfit at FLEDGLING WINGS in order to look confident.