NRI Struggles While Shopping from American Brands

Indian women living abroad buy perfect clothes for everyday use and are outgoing.

Choice of clothing expresses the personality, character, mood, sense of style, and true self. Individuals who dress properly and have bright makeup tend to be outgoing and enjoy going to parties. Just looking at someone's clothing, may tell a lot about who they are as a person.

Indian women in the USA go through a lot of clothing problems, more than once in their daily lives. Shopping from American brands causes tension and aberration. The clothes available in the US are designed according to the standard body type of American women. 

Fledgling Wings is solving the problems Indian women face in their daily lives to choose the right fitted clothing. Our dresses also fulfill the needs of Petite Indian women. All products are designed according to the curves of the NRIs. Our main concern is to solve the fitting problem, especially for pants and tops. Here are some clothing problems Indian women face in their daily lives. 

1. Camel toe

Shopping pants from American brands Indian women are frustrated with camel toe. Having camel toe is a result of improperly fitting clothing. You risk developing camel toe if your shorts or pants are excessively tight in the crotch area. Indian brands try to get rid of camel toe. They designed pants and trousers in a way that Indian women feel comfortable without camel toe issues.

 Camel toe struggles faced by South Asian women in USA

2. Tight pants

Indian women carry ethnically more fat around the belly, called ‘the desi belly’, and generally have heavier thighs and hips. They never feel comfortable in American pants and jeans. Because their fitting is ideal for American body types. A tight waist causes a bulging tummy. Tight clothing, such as tights or pants, can restrict your tummy, making it more difficult for food digestion and sitting at work all day long, which also hampers productivity. 

Belly fit issues faced by South Asian women in USA

3. Bust fitting 

Indian women have a large bust area. In American clothing, there are not many areas around the bust. When fitting a bodice pattern, it's important to make sure the bust point is positioned appropriately.

In proper fitting bust level and distance should be according to the body curves. Indian designers focus on how to overcome bust-fitting problems for Indian women in the USA.

4. Pant length 

Getting petite-length jeans that are perfect in every way is quite difficult in the US for a petite Indian woman. Especially if you are trying to stay within a budget. Particularly if you don't have a physique like Americans, you never get your proper pants or jeans.

Uneven pant lengths due to length issues for South Asian women

5. Top fitting 

In the USA another big problem faced by Indian women is top fitting. Usually, tops that fit from the waist don't fit from the sleeves and shoulders tend to droop. Among the many issues that can occur and need to be addressed are problems with the shoulder fit, the neckline, the armholes, and the waistline. Indian women find satisfaction in well-fitted clothing. They feel more trendy and attractive in Indian branded attire.

Loose top fits for South Asian women


You can find solutions to all clothing problems at Fledgling Wings. Our pants and trousers have special seams to avoid the camel toe. Adjustable waistband overcomes the problem of a bulging tummy. There is no need to lose weight to wear your favorite pants. Petite length is the main focus to design the outfits. Tops are designed according to the bust and shoulders size of Indian women. Free shipping,  easy return, and refundable custom duties make it easier to buy your favorite outfit. Go and get your proper fit dress with a special offer Buy 3 get 20%off.