Navigating American Fashion as an Indian Woman: Dressing for Your Body Shape

The Western World has been substantially touched by trends and cultural practices from India. The effects on American fashion are not the least of these effects. 

How do Indian Trends Affect American Fashion?

 American fashion and trends have been affected by Indian clothing and designs for the following reasons. 

The Increase of Embroidery on Our Clothing

Embroidered designs are one of the most lavish and exquisite features of Indian clothes and clothing, and embroidery is growing in popularity every year. 

Extra Embellishments

In addition to embroidered design, Indian clothing has also spread the concept of sequins, beads, stones, and other delicate elements on clothing. 

Today, we can see the impact of these additions on American clothes, often seen as sequins, beads, rhinestones, and more. 

Crop Tops Are Made In India

Did you know that Indian clothing is the main inspiration for crop tops? This may surprise many people, especially considering how Americans have grown to associate beach vacations and summer days with this particular piece of clothing. 

West-coast Bindis

The bindi and other components of Indian attire have become more well-known throughout time. At one point or another, many models and musicians have donned bindis, notably at award ceremonies or for music videos.

Gratitude to India for Indigo

Today's American and European clothing businesses probably wouldn't have access to specific colors and patterns without India. India was once the biggest importer of indigo to Western nations. 

Where Can You Buy American Outfits suitable for Indians?

Indian American mix-and-match outfits are easily available at Fledgling Wings. At our site, you can get modern and trendy attires. Our dresses are specially designed according to the body type of Indian women. Here are some beautiful outfits from our site 

Burnt Orange Puff Front Shift Dress With Side Slit

Burnt Orange Puff Front Shift Dress With Side Slit 

Burnt Orange Puff Front Shift Dress With Side Slit

Orange short dress crafted with medium cotton. Puff Front Shift Dress With Side Slit makes it more elegant and stylish. Puffy sleeves give a chic look 

Black Strap Fit And Flare Poplin Midi Dress

 Black Strap Fit And Flare Poplin Midi Dress

Black Strap Fit And Flare Poplin Midi Dress

The black flare midi dress is designed in poplin. Strap shoulders with ikat detailing make it more attractive than other outfits. It can easily be worn by all body types of Indian women. 

Sexi Mexi Dress

 Lightweight Flowy white Georgette Front pleated off-shoulder Maxi dress

Sexi Mexi Dress

White georgette Maxi dress crafted in soft georgette. It is lightweight and flowy. The Front pleated and side slit make it more elegant and eye-catching. The off-shoulder puffy sleeves give a chic look. 

Stripe Blue Lace Maxi

 Sky blue maxi dress with lace on front yoke and tier panels with smocking on back and adjustable straps on shoulders

Stripe Blue Lace Maxi

Sky blue maxi dress crafted in cambric cotton. White lace detailing on the front yoke and panels gives a classic look. Smocking on the back yoke and adjustable Straps makes it more graceful and trendy. 


How India has influenced American fashion may help you appreciate the items you wear on a daily basis. Fledgling Wings fulfill the needs of Indian women with free shipping, easy returns, and refundable custom duties. Our special offer Buy 3 gets 20 %off and 2 %cash back on every purchase for you to get your favorite outfit.