Why You Should Try Hand Block Print Cotton Dresses from India!

Why You Should Try Hand Block Print Cotton Dresses from India!

India's culture, history, and tradition are no mystery, especially when it comes to fashion, clothes, colors, etc. No designer can deny the fact that the intricacy of the Indian patterns and design is unmatched. When we talk about Indian prints, one of the prints which have left its imprints on the Global fashion Industry is Hand block Indian Prints. From comfortable, flowy printed dresses to breathtakingly-beautiful ethnic wear, hand block prints offer you comfort with style. 

To summarize, this looks-quite-complex-print, it is an art of printing intricate, traditional design with the help of carved wooden blocks. For instance, when you look at this block print cotton dress, the fine prints on the navy fabric instantly catch your eye. Now, Indian Hand block prints artists use a piece of carved wood, dip it into the desired color dye, and press it with pressure on the fabric. 

This particular art of printing brought pride, proliferated, and provided a glimpse of Indian culture to an international audience. Given how diverse these prints are, they fit right into your wardrobe, and you can style them throughout the year. Whether you want to wear it for casual outings or for office purposes, you will never look out of place.  If you intend to make people stop, turn and admire your look while walking down the street, then a cotton printed maxi dress is a must-have. 

Well, I would suggest you go for multiple cotton summer dresses as I am sure you would never want to wear those tight jeans again when you can style something that gives such an effortless feel.

Now, you must be thinking that "oh, so many selling points, it must cost a fortune." Well, technically, if you don't reside in India, It does. However, there is one way out, and that is FLEDGLING WINGS! Unlike the dinosaurs of the market, Fledgling Wings don't intend to make you think twice about your budget while you are shopping. While Indian clothes can be pretty expensive, and thanks to covid and all the lockdown situations, the prices have sky-rocketed; this baby company sources it directly from India. Not only that, they only sell reputed, well known, and trusted brands. 

So, if you want to add some dynamics to your post-covid life, try a cotton maxi dress with Indian hand block prints. I am sure your life will change!