Everything about Caftans - A Caftan Basics Guide

Everything about Caftans - A Caftan Basics Guide

Caftans are the hottest new trends hitting the beach and pool, but they're not just for tropical destinations. The hottest new coverup trend is not even an outfit! Instead, it’s called the caftan, and it’s quickly becoming one of the most versatile wardrobe items you can have in your closet. Find out more about the caftan and why it’s such a fabulous way to stay fashionable while still keeping cool and comfortable.

Caftans are ideal for Saturday morning errands.

Caftans have long been reserved for loungewear and beach coverups, but now, you can make a statement when running errands on Saturday morning. A drawstring gives a sexy look, perfect for weekends when you want to be both comfortable and elegant. You’ll love wearing yours with white sneakers, a wide-brimmed hat, and lots of baubles. 

Don't just wear these kimono-style cover ups on weekends; try one of these trendy looks for brunch with friends or as an alternative to your work outfit; it looks pretty all day. They are also a great option for evening wear if you prefer dressing up rather than going strapless-they never slip down! Best of all, any woman can rock a caftan because they come in styles that are just right for every body type. 

Want to avoid looking boxy? Go with a figure-hugging silhouette and pair it with bold accessories. Feeling full-figured? Try going closer—this allows the fabric to fall beautifully at your feet and helps hide large areas around your hips and thighs, etc. Whether you’re 5 feet 2 inches or 6 feet 5 inches tall, there's an ideal length for everyone!

Beach cover ups are big at the moment.

The caftan. Long and short caftans are in fashion, which means you can rock one of these all year round – not just for weekend trips to Block Island. Toss on a pair of stockings and fur coat, add glitzy jewelry and killer shoes, and voila - you look like royalty in winter. And, there’s no need to compromise style: caftans come in tons of patterns, prints, and colors; most designs are lacy or sparkly (so they’re ultra-glam); many fabrics are lightweight, so it doesn’t feel like summer all day long (but be prepared for compliments anyway!).  Plus, since caftans have loose cuts and styles, you get full coverage from those pesky cold spots that cause chills (i.e., arms covered up). They also offer full coverage without being tent-like. 

Red caftan 

Whether you want to wear a caftan all day on Saturday, hit some dinner parties, or plan a quick beach escape—this look won’t put you in danger of sunburn and will make everyone think you slept on an exclusive island paradise overnight. If you aren’t convinced yet, here are 3 more reasons why caftans rule. 

They're more economical than other styles. It’s like wearing a shirt, jacket, and dress all rolled into one piece. It comes with free layering options. Wear a cami underneath and toss on some tights when it gets cooler outside. Slip something slinky over your head when you hit happy hour with friends after work. Save yourself a sunburn when you wear it all day on a beach.

Long and short caftans

The secret of long and short caftans is that you get more than one look from one piece. It can be either an accessory for going out at night or a day dress for hitting up brunch with friends. Long and short caftans are flattering for all body types, but if you’re busty, it doesn’t cling to your curves too much. 

If you want something modest, look for ones with plunging necklines or deep v-necks. You can also wear them as dresses; pair a caftan with strappy sandals and slim silver jewelry when dressing it down for Saturday morning errands. Another way to style them? With tights! They’re perfect for transitioning into cooler weather, especially when worn over leggings. 

Wearing a colorful kimono-style caftan keeps you protected from UV rays on those warm spring days—and yes, we mean warm even though it officially springs—when you want to spend all day laying by the pool or down at the beach. Maybe you know someone who loves lounging around on a Sunday afternoon, taking full advantage of every sunny (or rainy) summer day to lounge around outside. Why not surprise her with a lightweight linen caftan she can use for Saturday mornings grocery shopping and Saturday nights at happy hour? She might feel like she's wearing pajamas but will appreciate how comfortable they are at home and running errands throughout town.

How to Dress Up Cute Outfits with Caftan Dresses

If you're looking for ways to dress up your cute outfits, a long or short caftan dress might be just what you need. What's even better is that they're not just great for wearing around at home but can also double as a comfortable beach cover-up when you head down to take a dip. They make great cover-ups for Saturday morning errands since they can be worn from home straight into town and back again without stopping by home first. 

Work from home caftan

If it happens to rain? No problem; a quick wardrobe change turns them into chic raincoats that look stylishly elegant rather than frumpy and unfashionable. The unique appeal of caftans lies in their versatility, making them an essential addition to any woman's wardrobe. 

Everyone needs many options, so why not let an easy-to-wear piece like a caftan do all the work for you? You'll have plenty of excuses to wear it throughout different seasons.

When choosing a caftan, there are some things to keep in mind: Are you planning on layering with tights or maybe leggings? Remember that most caftans are made with lightweight fabrics such as cotton, linen, and chiffon.