Cute Animal Print Dresses To pick For Your Next Beach Vacation

Cute Animal Print Dresses To pick For Your Next Beach Vacation

What has courted unprecedented mainstay and curiosity over the course of the past two years is the profusion of buckled-up experiences. Ever since Covid-19 had hit the shores of this world in 2019, the halt was all anyone felt and knew. However, given the extreme circumstances of lockdown and curfew, people started to envisage and commenced blue-printing it. Everyone penned down their desires, wishes, and wants in a to-do list. Now, if you are someone who used to be on the shores of a dazzling ocean every chance that was bestowed upon you, the quarantine phase would have been a nightmare for you. 

Well, the situations around the world are getting better, and everything has started to roll just akin to the pre-pandemic times. This is also the perfect time to get that much-awaited vacation that your Water-body and ocean-soul is craving. One absolute essential that you cannot afford to ignore is an animal printed maxi dress for your beach vacation. 

Animal Print Dress from Fledgling Wings

If you are an aquaphilic, then you must know how imperative it is to stay comfortable and light on a beach. Dresses with heavy fabric can be dyed in the wool nightmare. Imagine yourself enjoying your vacation and flowing with the wind but then feel a sudden pull that is preventing you from flowing like a scupper. That’s when a simple cotton animal print maxi dress from FLEDGLING WINGS will be your good samaritan. 

An animal print maxi dress is a must have; let us discuss the reasoning behind it-

  • Chic look

No extra points to visualize how chic your look will be if you style an animal print maxi dress correctly. This not-so-conventional option will definitely add points to your oh-so-different look. If you are a Star who loves to shine the brightest over those waves, then you should definitely invest in a good quality cotton animal print maxi dress. 

  • Easy To Cary and Multi-purpose 

A definite advantage of cotton based clothing is how breathable they are. They don’t stick to your skin in an awkward way and do not add that unwanted weight. You can use them as a cute outfit on their own or as an adorable coverup over your swimwear. 

Source: Pixabay 

  • Set a Vibe

The funky and relaxed vibe that these captivating animal prints radiate is unbeatable. These prints on an animal print maxi dress set you in a happy mood because of their color palette. Yes, some colors and prints help in the release of happy hormones and elevate the mood by multiple folds.

  • Experiment and Go Bold

Well, you are vacationing on a breathtakingly beautiful beach, then why play safe with colors and patterns? It will be propitious to experiment with some unique colors and patterns. You can check out FLEDGLING WINGS if you want to get your hands on the best cotton animal print maxi dress with vibrant colors.

Also, you need to ensure that every or any animal print maxi dress that you buy should be made of organic cotton. The ocean is literally filled with brands who offer cotton dresses; however, as a smart buyer, you should take the situation of the environment into consideration. By opting for organic and sustainable fabric, you will be playing a role as a responsible human being. FLEDGLING WINGS started their brand with a similar school of thought. We aim to escalate authentic Indian prints and design while being mindful of the environment. 

Victoria Owl Print Dress


Our focus is to provide traditional Indian prints without compromising on the quality. We prioritize our customer’s needs before ours; therefore, we offer all the possible care and services. You can try our fusion, unique, and organic dresses and experience all of it yourself.