Choose The Best Clothing Color As Per Your Skin Tone

Choose The Best Clothing Color As Per Your Skin Tone

Everybody’s got a different skin color. There shouldn’t be any arguing over it. But have you ever thought of expressing yourself in that particular frame? If yes, then congratulations you are one of the few in the world who think about themselves. 

If not, then there is no need to worry because we have brought you the article which is definitely going to help you concern yourself. Many people don’t have an idea about dresses and they select the color of dresses that is not suitable for them. Fledglings Wings Will help you out with which type of ethnic dress color you can wear according to your skin tone.

Let’s Find Out Your Pick Responding To Your Skin Tone:

Praise yourself as you’ve got the opportunity to read this article. This is not only going to make you realize your appearance but is also going to give you excellent ideas regarding the contrast between your skin tone and your preferred dress’s color.


Colorism is said to be the discrimination between people of lighter skin tone and people having darker or deep skin tone. In this practice, people with lighter skin tone have always got the point. So let’s try our best to terminate this practice. Come and join us.

So let’s move on to the interesting part of this article:

Types Of Skin Tones:

  1. Light skin tone
  2. Fair skin tone
  3. Medium skin tone
  4. Dark skin tone

Some Handy Tips For Skin Tone and Clothing:

For Lighter Skin Tone:

Natives of Europe and North East Asia are the ones who possess lighter skin tones. If you have a lighter skin tone, then you should select these types of colors.

Avoid wearing black, white, and sharp red colors. They won’t give you the beauty you deserve. Go for the blue family (navy blue, sea blue, sky blue, royal blue), emerald green, and don’t be afraid of bold colors. Enjoy yourself with these colors and go on.

For Fair Skin Tone:

Fair skin is said to be the skin tone toward which most men are attracted. It is often said to be a beautiful color. If you possess fair skin, then here are some dos and don’ts for you; Try to stay away from colors like black, navy, and other striking primary colors. Go for neutrals such as gray. Colors like light pink, and baby blue will make you look gorgeous.

Believe in us and go for these colors.

Pink tiered strap dress

Pink strap dress

For Medium Skin Tone:

This type of skin is also known as light brown skin tone and it is referred to as the most attractive skin tone. Most Asians possess this skin color and are said to be attractive. 

If you’re having this skin tone, then you are one of the most beautiful people in the world. Increase your beauty by following some dos and don’ts which are listed here; Avoid black, white, and all kinds of faded colors. They won’t give you good vibes.

Get yourself ready to wear colors like deep red, orange-yellow, olive green, rich brown, and all kinds of warm colors. You’ll look stunning in these outfits.

Warm skin tone dress

Ethnic printed dress

For Dark Skin Tone:

Dark skin is known as dark brown skin tone. If you possess black skin then go for dark and deep colors such as black, navy, red, etc. This is the most beautiful and shiny skin tone.

Avoid all washed colors.

Dark skin tone dresses

Velvet dress


All skin tones are beautiful in their way and style. So let’s identify ourselves and wear what suits us so that we look gorgeous in.