Repurpose indian sarees festive wear

6 Easy Ways To Reuse Your Mom’s Old Sarees To Make Gorgeous Festival Outfits 

Many people are keeping an interest in repurposing old dresses into new outfits. For mothers, it's tough to hold a saree after marriage. They feel uncomfortable with their saree and are always in search to reuse their old saree in a new outfit. I love the creativity and imagination that goes into recycling and saving an old saree. Recycling old damaged sarees isn't the sole thing but old sarees can’t be used for a very long time.

If you also have your mom’s old saree and want to make something gorgeous outfit then you're at the right place. Because in this post, I'm going to introduce some amazing ways to repurpose old outfits into new looks. Read on to understand everything in detail about all the amazing dress patterns one can get made from old sarees.

Ways to Reuse Your Mom’s Old Sarees

There are many old saree reuse ideas that you simply can try at home and may easily do on your own are discussed below:

Design a lehenga: 

This is the best choice and the easiest way to design a lehenga from your mom’s old saree. You can design from your tailor or by yourself. It is an easy, and simple method of achieving new looks. you can make it look amazing by using gotta. See this image you can design like this lehenga set.Pink lehenga

Pink lehenga

Long maxi: 

Did you recognize that you just also use an old saree to make a brand new long maxi? If your mom has a white and gold silk saree, you can re-design an amazing long maxi or Anarkali dress. You can repurpose this angrakha style maxi.

Orange anarkali indian festive

Orange Angrakha

Awesome sharara: 

You can give the foremost wonderful look by wearing sharara style to recycle your old saree. Women can’t overload their wardrobe with different styles but they will provide a different and innovative look with existing outfits. Moms can repurpose sharara for their daughters from old saree that look like this. 

Green sharara indian festive

Green Sharara

Pretty dress: 

If you are wondering about a way to make a reasonable dress from an old saree, you have reached your destination. Almost every girl hesitates to wear a saree ahead of her family. 

So, it’s the best thing to prefer a dress that causes you to feel comfortable and easy to hold. You feel comfortable after wearing a pretty dress at events. If you are looking for ways to repurpose your mom’s old saree into a new stylish look. Then I think you should design it to look like this.

Red Indian cotton dress

Red Indian dress

Create a skirt: 

Ladies and fashion experts have invented 1000 ways to create a skirt out of a saree. Skirts are in trend and give you an elegant look. You can add a designer belt at the waist to create a finished look. Ways to design a skirt, half skirt, wrap skirt, and classic skirt. 

Indian festive skirt pink

Tulsi pink Indian skirt set


There are many other options to form an old saree into a new one. You can make a little saree and convert it into a little fancy blouse. You can also get the short kurta style. Nowadays buying new clothes might not be easy for many people. These are just some basic ideas. If you have got something else in mind. Please share it to help make everyone's life easier.